HeaRTS (February 2007 – December 2009)

HeaRTS II (January 2010 – December 2010)

With the end of 2010 came the sunset of SWLAHEC’s Healthcare Recovery Training System (HeaRTS). The purpose of HeaRTS was to improve the healthcare workforce of South Louisiana by training and securing employment of additional healthcare workers in high demand occupations in the parishes most affected by the 2005 hurricanes. While the individuals who received the free training benefitted, the residents of south Louisiana benefitted from the increased number of trained healthcare of professionals.  

SWLAHEC contracted with nearly 30 partners from industry, education, workforce development and community-based organizations to fulfill the mission of the program. HeaRTS began training students for healthcare careers in June 2007 and graduated its last class in December 2010. HeaRTS was originally awarded six million dollars for 2007-2009. At the end of 2009, the program received an additional one million dollar extension to continue training through 2010 and operated under the name HeaRTS II.

HeaRTS received a national, biannual award in 2008 from the National AHEC Organization for “Excellence in Health Professions Training”. The program was also featured as one of the success stories in Louisiana Recovery Authority’s final progress report because of the program’s achievements, which were as follows: 2,776 individuals entered healthcare career training, 2,036 completed training, and over 1,750 were placed into employment.

HeaRTS was funded through a Community Development Block Grant Program known as the Recovery Workforce Training Program (RWTP). The RWTP was established by the Louisiana Recovery Authority, in collaboration with the State Office of Community Development’s Disaster Recovery Unit and the Louisiana Workforce Commission.

Director: Mimi Fuselier

Coordinators: JaWand Edwards and Lana Mixon

Finance manager: Anne Thibodeaux


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