AHEC of a Summer

AHEC of a Summer

Main contact: Brooke Voorhies – brooke.voorhies@swlahec.com

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Winner of the 1995 National AHEC Center Directors Association award for “Excellence in Health Careers Recruitment”

AHEC of a Summer (AHOS) provides an opportunity for high school students to experience career opportunities in health care by taking part in volunteer work at health care facilities in their community, and shadowing health care professionals.

Participants go behind the scenes in hospitals and other clinical facilities to learn about current health issues, patient care, career opportunities, volunteer service, post-secondary education requirements for various health professions and more. Participants must commit to a two or three week time span dAHEC_2011_095uring the summer and can earn 1/2 credit toward their Louisiana high school diploma if successfully completing the program. Since 1992, more than 4,000 high scOpelousashool students have taken part in AHEC of a Summer.
Eligibility: High school students in the 13 parishes of southwest Louisiana who have an interest in health care. Each parish distributes the AHOS applications and selects the student who will participate in its programs. Students can check with their high school counselor for an application in early February.

Click HERE to go to the AHEC of a Summer 2020 application page. 

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