Covering Kids

Covering Kids

The Covering Kids & Families Program  (CKF) is dedicated to improving the well-being of uninsured children and families. The SWLAHEC CKF Coordinator creates opportunities to meet their needs through advocacy and education.  CKF’s knowledge and credibility in providing children and families with information on various Medicaid/Medicare programs are core competencies that improve the lives of children and families. Leadership has been vital in this program, allowing the coordinator to create and improve opportunities for children and families.

The goal of CKF is to ensure all eligible children and adults are enrolled in The State of Louisiana’s LaCHIP or Medicaid programs. Additionally, the program educates families and communities about health issues through collaborative partnerships, and increases the number of families who have access to health care. SWLAHEC strives to attain these goals as well as coordinate and conduct outreach activities to inform families about available health care coverage, assist in simplifying enrollment and re-enrollment or ‘renewal’ processes so they are “family friendly”, and coordinate coverage programs so that individuals and families can move seamlessly from one type of insurance program to another, without losing covering.

Sustaining and building coalitions is also a large part of the Covering Kids and Families program. Currently there are 5 coalitions comprised of dedicated people working to ensure that all families are able to access healthcare by increasing the number of Medicaid and Medicare applicants.  CKF has successfully forged partnerships and coalitions involving state and local governments, private/public employers, daycares, schools, healthcare providers, and community and advocacy leaders to assist in the delivery of Medicaid/Medicare services.

Because of the dedication and hard work, of the CKF Program Coordinator, SWLAHEC consistently supports children and their families with medical insurance. As SWLAHEC begins the second year of working with Covering Kids and Families program, SWLAHEC expects to continue to assist many more families with accessing affordable health care . (Weak last paragraph)

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