Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center’s Teen Outreach Program (TOP) was a rigorously tested approach that equipped teens with the tools they need to succeed by building the positive skills and competencies needed to ensure an upward trajectory in life. Youth who participated in Southwest AHEC’s TOP Club developed their positive potential which lead to more success and less risk-taking behaviors like teen violence, school failure, and teen pregnancy.

2013 – 2014 TOP CLUB

Southwest AHEC’s TOP Club addressed multiple important teen topics in a fun and unique way that evoked the development of the following non-cognitive skills:

  • Ability to build and maintain relationships
  • Critical thinking about their own social environment and the formation of high standards and integrity
  • Communication skills and assertiveness
  • Goal-setting and evaluation of self
  • Analysis, problem solving, decision making and priority setting
  • Belief in one’s ability, confidence, assertiveness, persistence
  • Self-discipline, time management, and balance
  • Social competencies to choose appropriate behaviors in various circumstances
  • Evaluation and integration of physically and emotionally health choices for themselves
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