Healthier SWLA

Healthier SWLA

13920394_1169462546465481_270270008723147482_oThe Partnership for a Healthier SWLA (Healthier SWLA)  is a non-profit coalition with a mission to improve the health of its residents living in Southwest Louisiana (Allen, Calcasieu, Cameron, Beauregard  and Jeff Davis Parishes) by encouraging people to become more physically active, eat more nutrition dense foods , and quit smoking.  With over 150 businesses, community organizations, and governmental bodies, the Healthier SWLA is the largest coalition in Southwest Louisiana.

Healthier Southwest Louisiana  performs a variety of different functions and operates a number of programs to help combat obesity and improve the health of our area, including the following:

  • Through a community speakers bureau, Hea14517569_1222426531169082_8076579673304313695_nlthier SWLA recruits and provides experts free educational opportunities to organizations on the topics of physical activity, nutrition, assessing your health status, the state of obesity in Southwest Louisiana, women’s fitness and health, eating well and healthy cooking.
  • Eat Healthy SWLA is another program of Healthier SWLA.   The Eat Healthy SWLA team, which includes a registered dietitian, collaborates with local restaurants to create, highlight and promote healthy menu options for their customers.
  • Fit Kids is a 6-week program led by a team of professional fitness trainers and nutrition experts who provide free fitness and nutrition fundamentals to children in local summer camps.
  • The K.I.S.S .Project works with women, with an emphasis on African American women and low income households in SWLA, who want to lose at least 20 pounds. Through a fitness and nutrition curriculum, led by certified a fitness trainer and a dietician, the project trains women  to become healthier so that they can in return make lasting changes within their homes; in turn,  their families becomes heathier.
  • Healthier SWLA has sponsored community learning gardens that are being set up across SWLA  and are used to teach children and adults about sustainable agriculture, the importance of eating healthy, fresh and local foods, and solidifying a local food system.13508886_1145650605513342_7488340924263003046_n
  • Healthier SWLA facilitates and hosts a number of free group cardio workouts across the area. These workouts include walking, running, hiking and body weight exercising.
  • Healthier SWLA  advocacy committee members sit on a number of different community committees and boards with a mission to advocate for causes such as creating a healthier built environment by encouraging the creation of bicycle and pedestrian lanes, increasing access to parks and green spaces, and providing tools for a healthy living.


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