The NFP Nurse Home Visitor (NHV) is responsible for delivery of comprehensive community health nursing care to first-time, low income pregnant women and their families who are eligible for NFP. Direct supervision for this position is provided by an assigned NFP Nurse Supervisor (and Assistant Supervisor when applicable). The Nurse Home Visitor practices within the scope of practice designated by the Louisiana Nurse Practice Act (LRS 37:911) and adheres to the policies, procedures and standards of the Louisiana NFP program and the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospital/Office of Public Health (DHH/OPH).

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) preferred with unrestricted / current LA RN licensure & 3 yrs experience in maternal child health nursing, public / community health, or related fields (Master’s degree or higher may substitute for 1 year of experience).


(70%) Implements NFP with fidelity. Maintains a caseload of 25 active families who have been identified as eligible for NFP. Adheres to NFP model of home visiting which includes completion of scheduled visits in accordance with established policies, procedures and standards of NFP. Meets NFP programmatic documentation guidelines, NFP productivity expectations and professional performance expectations as set forth by DHH/OPH. Performs ongoing nursing assessments of the physical, emotional, social and environmental needs of pregnant women, children and families. Demonstrates proficiency in use and interpretation of model specific assessment tools.

Develops therapeutic relationships with women and their families, utilizing open communication skills, reflective listening and motivational interviewing. Provides preventive health education and anticipatory guidance to clients and families. Provides individualized and culturally appropriate care to families served by NFP and assists set achievable personal and life course goals. Makes appropriate referrals to community agencies and health care providers for other community services and resources as identified by families whenever possible. When applicable, works effectively with Mental Health Consultants and assists Mental Health Consultants in developing relationships with families.

Participates in weekly case conferences and/or team meetings and 1:1 meetings with supervisor according to the NFP model. Offers and accepts constructive feedback to enhance team and personal outcomes. Evaluates own nursing and team practices which affect attrition of clients, client specific outcomes and infant outcomes. Modifies approaches with families when indicated. Provides in-service training and orientation to new personnel and assists supervisor in preparation of in-service activities for staff.

(20%) Proficiently utilizes the Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) Data Collection System through the NFP National Service Office, as well as the State provided ETO system, in order to manage program data appropriately. Inputs data accurately or delegates to appropriate staff when available. Evaluates and interprets own caseload information and program data for accuracy and trends such as tracking of families characteristics, needs, services provided, and progress toward accomplishing program objectives. Prepares, maintains and completes patient records, monthly activity reports, itinerary reports & travel documents in a timely and accurate manner. Monitors and completes documentation in client records for fidelity to the model and quality assurance. Complies with licensure and reimbursement guidelines through Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and/or other funding sources. Participates in overall quality improvement activities to assure that data, site specific reports and statewide outcomes are accurate and reliable. Participates in continuous quality improvement processes. Monitors data for opportunities to change individual nursing practice.

(10%) Provides individual or group health education in the community when requested to address educational and behavioral needs identified in the community. Participates in selected health fairs and community events as requested. Participates in community outreach activities to assure and encourage referrals to the NFP program. Participates in community groups to identify the maternal and child health needs of the community and potential community solutions.

Provides emergency care in the community as designated within the Office of Public Health and in accordance with the scope of nursing practice. Participates in Emergency Preparedness activities in the Medical Special Needs Shelters, bioterrorism preparedness (smallpox vaccination, National Pharmaceutical Stockpile or weapons of mass destruction) and other events which require activation of the emergency response system. Provides professional nursing care and leadership in response to emergency situations in the community and statewide, on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis.

Attends community seminars, workshops, in-service training, and other continuing education programs as required and approved in order to maintain professional expertise. Performs all other duties not listed above but assigned by the supervisor to ensure the smooth operation of the agency.

For more information on the Nurse-Family Partnership program visit www.nursefamilypartnership.org.

To Apply:  Please send cover letter and resume to SWLAHEC Director of Public Health Support, contracts@swlahec.com or fax to 337-478-0124.

For additional information or inquiries call 337-478-6020 ext. 6049.

Position:  Director, Community Resource Department

Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center is looking for a highly motivated candidate to lead our newly developed Community Resource Department.  This department director will serve as the Region 4 (Acadiana) regional expert for health systems quality improvement initiatives aimed at improving chronic disease outcomes in this region.  This position will also oversee SWLAHEC’s Regional Community Resource Coordinator responsible for linking healthcare providers with local chronic disease self-management, health education, and health behavior support services.

This position will be responsible for:

  • Leading regional efforts to identify and provide technical assistance to healthcare providers interested in improving patient health outcomes related to chronic conditions, specifically cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes.
  • Partner with Regional Public Health Office and Parish Health Units to assist with screening and referral programs.

This is a full time, 40-hour per week position within SWLAHEC’s Lafayette Office.  There is some in and out of state travel to meetings, conferences, or for the purpose of fulfilling responsibilities.  The candidate should have knowledge and/or experience in working on quality improvement initiatives in a clinical setting.  Knowledge of the healthcare system within LA Pubic Health Region IV region is preferred as well as some experience with team-based care, electronic health records, or quality improvement coaching.

Position closes January 4, 2019. Please send cover letter and resume to SWLAHEC’s Human Resources Director at hrdirector@swlahec.com.

Position: Regional Community Resource Coordinator

Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center is looking for a highly motivated candidate to serve as our Regional Community Resource Coordinator.  This position will serve as an expert for local community resources and supports the coordinated strategy for locating community-based resources that support Southwest LA residents in achieving and maintaining healthier lifestyles.  This position leads regional efforts to identify and connect residents to community resources.

This position will be responsible for:

  • Lead regional efforts to identify local community resources and establish connections between residents, providers and resources by serving as a regional expert regarding chronic disease prevention resources, community leaders and healthcare provider champions.
  • Establish and maintain partnerships for the purpose of increasing community and clinical interventions, increasing access to community and clinical interventions and lessening the burden of chronic disease in the region.

This is a full time, 40-hour per week position within SWLAHEC’s Lafayette Office.  There is some in and out of state travel to meetings, conferences, or for the purpose of fulfilling responsibilities.  The candidate should have knowledge and/or experience in working with community-based organizations and resources.  Prior experience in a health-related field and experience in partnership engagement and strategic planning is preferred.

Position closes January 4, 2019. Please send cover letter and resume to SWLAHEC’s Human Resources Director at hrdirector@swlahec.com.

Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center has an opening for a full time Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Regional Coordinator in the Lake Charles area. This Regional MCH Coordinator works in the regional Office of Public Health (OPH), Bureau of Family Health (BFH) toward improving maternal, infant, and child mortality and morbidity rates.  A crucial role for the position is to identify and maintain active relationships with partners across sectors and work to align them around a shared vision of healthy, injury-free families across Louisiana. The Regional MCH Coordinator is responsible for convening meetings of regional Case Review and Community Action and Advisory Teams. These teams identify health system interventions and policy improvements to develop a comprehensive approach to addressing family health and welfare issues, while recognizing the inter-relatedness of multiple risk factors in prevention planning. A passion for injury prevention, health equity, and public health policy preferred.


    • Extensive experience reading and interpreting medical records a must
    • Must carry a valid RN license
    • Experience in Maternal and Child Health or Public Health nursing
    • Ability to work alone AND on a statewide team
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills
    • Strong computer skills, with particular competency in the Microsoft Office Suite and web browsing
    • Strong self-direction and organization skills
  • Ability to travel and access to a means of reliable transportation

To apply please send cover letter and resume to rosaria.trichilo@la.gov.

Title of the Position:  Registered Dietitian (Region 5 – Lake Charles area)

Full Time: 40 hours/week M-F
Company Name:  Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center (AHEC)
Name of Contact Person: Greg Cart

How to apply: Email or Fax Resume
Contact Name:  Greg Cart
Contact Fax:  (337) 478-0124.
Contact Email Address: contracts@swlahec.com


Website address to apply https://swlahec.com/

Position Description:   Complete nutrition assessments for WIC participants, nutrition care plans, certifies and recertifies participants, prescribes and prints food packages, reviews/evaluate prescriptions for approval of WIC special formula. Participates in breastfeeding promotions and other WIC sponsored activities throughout the year. Other duties as assigned.

Position Requirements:

  • Minimum qualifications:
    • Registered Dietitian
    • Possession of a permanent La Dietitian/Nutritionist license

For additional information you may contact:

Dan Morel, RD, LDN
Regional Public Health Nutritionist 5
LDH/OPH Southwest Regional Office
Office 337-475-3219

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